Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Pyro Blocks made from?
    Pyro Blocks are made of 100% natural kiln dried wood. . Pyro Blocks are held together with no harmful binding agents. Unlike firewood there are no bugs, bark, dirt, or mold in Pyro Blocks.
  2. How do Pyro Blocks burn longer than firewood?
    Pyro Blocks are compressed with 10,000PSI which is almost twice as hard as hardwood like Oak. The increased density of Pyro Blocks allows for complete energy usage thus the longer burn times when compared to firewood.
  3. How do Pyro Blocks burn hotter than firewood?
    Pyro Blocks contain almost no water in them and no bugs, bark, dirt, or mold. These contaminates in firewood have different ignition temperatures. This causes uneven and less clean burns with firewood.
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