Pyro Pods
"The Firestarters That Get The Fire Going"

What are Pyro Pods?

Pyro Pod Sizing

 Pyro Pods are firestarters composed of pitchy pinewood and food grade wax. Pitchy pinewood is made from kiln dried mill ends. The mill ends are ground up and compressed with a small amount of food grade wax into Pyro Pods.

25ct Box- 1.5lbs- $10.00
40ct Box- 2.4lbs- $15.00
100ct Box- 6lbs- $35.00

Lighting Pyro Pods


​Pyro Pods can be match lit.  When using Pyro Pods to start your fire you will need to place the pod where it can get air and light the logs. The pod needs to be placed with the round side down and the flat side up. Then you will light the flat top of the pod and it will burn for 15 minutes and should light your fire without kindling if the wood is properly dry. You only need one Pyro Pod to start a fire.  The picture on the right shows how to light four Pyro Blocks (one is not visible) with two Pyro Pods. Pyro Blocks will light using one Pyro Pod.​​
​​Pyro Pods are great for Camping and Hiking with because of their compact size and reliability. Pyro Pods are perfect for starting Pyro Blocks and regular firewood in Fireplaces, Fire-pits and Woodstoves. They can also start charcoal briquette grills and they will not alter the flavor of the food. 

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