Pyro Blocks
"The Best Firewood Alternative"

Why Pyro Blocks are better than regular firewood:

 Pyro Blocks Burn Longer

Pyro Blocks Burn Cleaner

Pyro Blocks are made of 100% natural kiln dried wood. . Pyro Blocks are held together with no harmful binding agents. Unlike firewood there are no bugs, bark, dirt, or mold in Pyro Blocks.  recommends that if you burn manufactured logs the ones made of 100% compressed sawdust are the best! Due to the nature of firewood and where you place it, it grows mold and accumulates dirt and many different types of bugs and insects. Pyro Blocks don't smoke as much because of the low moisture level. This reduces the creosote (soot) in your chimney.  Pyro Blocks have less impurities and the same consistency throughout so you will notice that you need to clean up less because there is very little ash from Pyro Blocks.
Pyro Blocks are sawdust compressed with 10,000PSI. This produces a product which is almost twice as hard as Oak. One small Pyro Block yields 1.7 times its weight versus split firewood. They are about 3.5"x 2.5"x 6" long.   A properly setup Pyro Block fire burns for more than twice as long as your typical seasoned wood fire. Many users love the all night burn times!​
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Pyro Blocks Burn Hotter

Pyro Blocks burn much hotter than regular firewood because of their compression, uniformity in size, and moisture levels. This is great for you, and for your chimney.  Pyro Blocks are made up of natural wood shavings and sawdust which have been compressed to have a higher density than split firewood. The sawdust in Pyro Blocks is kiln dried before it is compressed as it is a byproduct of a manufacuring process. Therefore it has a moisture level of under 8% versus 15% or more for split wood.

For your comfort it is much easier to regulate and maintain the temperature with Pyro Blocks because of the uniformity in size and shape. 

How to light Pyro Blocks

To light Pyro Blocks, make a teepee with a top and a back (as shown in photos). Lean against the back wall. Pyro Blocks can also be lit using the "box" method. Place two Pyro Blocks side by side, then one Pyro Block on top and behind them. Place a Pyro Pod, firestarter or kindling beneath the teepee or "box" and light it. When you have a strong ember base, pack several more Pyro Blocks on or against the embers. Add more as desired. Adjust airflow to control heat.

Warning, DO NOT OVERFILL. Allow room for Pyro Blocks to expand. Enjoy Responsibly.
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